Steel Flooring Systems

Steel Bearers and Joists are idea for sloping sites, providing a ground floor without the expense of cut and fill excavations or retaining walls to stabilise the earth works. Steel bearers and joists allow minimal disturbance to the surrounding landscape and could be considered an environmentally friendly alternative to cut and fill methods.

Go-Steel supply a floor system that comes ready to install. All steel bearers and joists come cut to length with brackets, componentry and working drawings making installation a breeze.

Ground floor systems use a 90mm x 90mm x 2mm SHS Pier with base plates and a fixed or adjustable head. This allows all pier to be rough cut and then fine tuned at a later date using the adjustable head.

The Upper floor system uses a monoplane system meaning beams run in the same plane on the top plate of the lower wall frames. The 200mm & 250mm deep beams can achieve substantial spans and are light weight and easy to work with.

These flooring beams are also extremely efficient in roof framing and long spans allow architectural concepts such as raked ceilings and curved cathedral ceilings a much more feasible concept.

Boxspan® Steel Flooring Systems

Straighter, Stronger, Simpler Steel Floors

The most recognised use of Boxspan is for floor frames whether they be in residential homes, townhouses, schools, clubs or industrial mezzanines. The Boxspan floor system is lightweight, shrinkage free and won’t twist. Whatever flooring option you choose, it will sit uniformly flat on joists and all Boxspan floors are designed to eliminate bounce.

Steel Frame Flooring Options

The Boxspan floor frame can easily be designed to support any flooring such as:

  • Particle board floor sheeting (Internal use)
  • Compressed cement sheeting (for external and wet areas)
  • 70mm concrete slab with decking sheet
  • Hebel Sound floor 75mm
  • Boxspan floors are easy to install

Boxspan floors are supplied with all beams rolled to exact length, marked and packed with brackets and screws, and are also accompanied by layout plans, engineering details and certification (when specified). The floor frames are just like a kit making it easy for builders and homeowners to install.

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