Why choose steel for building your home?

Steel builds better homes

There are many reasons why steel framing is becoming the best and most feasible alternative building material for residential construction. For generations we have relied on the strength and durability of steel in commercial buildings, hospitals and schools. Now you can get the superior quality and safety of steel in your home. Go-Steel has many years of experience building homes with steel and this allows us to highly recommend using steel for your next building project.

Why steel is a superior construction material

  • Highest Strength to weight ratio of any building material
  • Consistent quality – produced in strict accordance with National Standards
  • Non-combustible and does not contribute to fuel the spread of a fire
  • Dimensionally Stable – does not expand or contract with moisture content
  • Inorganic – will not rot, warp, split, crack or creep
  • 100% recyclable

Benefits to the Builder

  • Lighter than other framing materials
  • Straight Walls
  • Square Corners
  • Windows and doors open as they should
  • Price Stability
  • Less scrap Waste – (2% steel vs 20% lumber)
  • Easy selection – no need to cull or sort
  • Environmental selling and green positioning
  • Consumer perceives steel as better

Benefits to the Customer

  • Steel Framing has inherent benefits that can be found in no other product
  • High strength results in safer structures, less maintenance and slower aging
  • Fire Safety
  • Not vulnerable to termites
  • Not vulnerable to any types of fungi (mould)
  • Less probability of foundation problems – less weight results in less movement

To help make your decision to use steel easier we have compiled a list of Steel Frequently Asked Questions.

Make it Steel, not a Meal

Termites are widely spread around Australia. View the map of Australia below indicating the risk around the country.

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