Our Team


At Go-steel we have a wealth of knowledge to call on when it comes to designing your home to best suit your needs in terms of appearance, budget and also design strength.  Kim, the managing director has been in the family business for the last 15 years and prior to that also did his apprenticeship with Go steel exporting and installing steel frame homes to Japan.  Now Kim focuses on making the whole process easier for the client from the planning stage to the frame design and even fix out.  With a wealth of knowledge within the construction industry that is not limited to commercial or residential.

Our Design Team 

Our Design Team has a wealth of experience and knowledge to make sure your frames meet your requirements.  With plans imported from you draftsman or architect, Mark & Rhys from our design team can trace your plans to generate frames to the exact dimensions as drawn on the architects plan.  Using the latest 3D Design software can virtually move throughout your new home making sure all the steel components have been included and give you a practical insight to how the structure will look once erected.  Frames are designed with your handling in mind hence all frames are kept to a maximum length of 6m, Service holes are added, all frames are checked and then export the frames out to the factory, ready to be rolled and loaded onto the truck for delivery.

Our Fabrication/Assembly Team

Dion and Jakob are the guys that bring it to reality.  Your Frames once computer generated are sent to the Fabrication team to be rolled and packed ready for delivery.  From a sheet metal coil, each metal section is rolled through our state of the art roll forming machine where it is punched, flattened and formed with millimeter precision ready to be assembled into a frame for your home.  Frames have pre-punched service holes for all your services and wall frames bearing on a concrete slab will have a film taped to the bottom plate to to stop corrosion due to the acidity of the concrete.


Installation Team

Billy & John are our site foreman at Go-Steel and if we are carrying out the site installation of your frames there is a fair chance they will be onsite managing your project for you.  John, like Kim is a qualified builder and has been working with our team for over 10 years.  He comes with high recommendations from other clients he has worked with, for his professional manner, his attention to detail and his quality workmanship. John works with a team of carpenters and apprentices to make sure your job is carried out in the most efficient manner possible.  Billy has been a cornerstone of the installation team after spending his apprenticeship and spending nearly 10 years with us.